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Nasha Holt, MD
Nasha Holt, MDNasha Holt, MD has been in private practice since 1987. Dr. Holt received her medical degree from McMaster University Medical School in Ontario, Canada. She practiced Family Medicine until 2006, when she focused her practice exclusively on the care of patients with headaches and neck-generated head and face problems. She believes that a holistic approach gives patients the best chance of recovery from chronic pain conditions which have often impacted many areas of their lives. Most of the patients she sees have been in chronic pain for years, and their lives have become pretty messy by the time they see her. Many of them suffer from depression and anxiety.
Dr. Holt systematically addresses health-promoting changes in the areas of sleep, exercise, diet, nutritional supplements and positive mental attitude. Her patients have huge needs in these areas, and this individualized educational aspect of her approach is another part of what distinguishes her practice from the care headache patients receive in primary care and specialty settings.
Dr. Holt, her children and her extended family have lived in San Antonio since 1997.
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